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Beauty Instruments: All kind of Scissors , Nail Cutter , Cutical Nail Nipper , Tweezers , Salon Scissors , Razor Scissors , Razor , Pimple Remover , Hair Cliper , Pusher , Dog Nail Cutter and many more items. Surgical instruments: Such As : all kind of Forceps , Scissors , Tweezers , Speculums ( ent ), Vegnical , all kind of Cutter , Berger Forceps , Alexander Forceps , Dilator , Saw , BP Handle , Curettes , Clumps etc. Dental Instruments: Dental Mirror , Impression Tray ( p



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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a Manufacturer/Exporter of Surgical, Dental and Beauty instruments. Our products have been recognized in the industry for surpassing the normal standards of quality, reliability and service. We believe that our honorable customers should have purchase a tool only once, and that our environment should not beburdened with discarded implements. We operate a sustainable business. Innovation is a continous process. New procedures are developed and techniques are constantly improving. We since the establishment, have been striving hard to keep pace with the ever increasing demand for precision and to functional , the highest level of quality and ease of operation. Stringent production tests provide for flawless quality assurance. Therefore our instruments are fully guaranteed against rust, finishing and proper intended use.

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